Gallery Street is proud to offer the latest in cutting edge, large format digital capture featuring the Betterlight Super8K-HS 4x5 Digital Scan Back.
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Ensuring the integrity of your original artwork, our camera's lenses, coupled with our digital capture technology, picks up every single nuance of the original such as color, texture and even the finest brushstrokes. Our pure digital capture results in a very detailed high resolution file that enables us to enlarge the giclee print with out degrading the quality of the reproduction what so ever. Our Master Techs will adjust the color balance of the digital image until the most accurate representation of the original artwork is achieved.

For you techies out there, here is some more info about the Betterlight Scan Back. This equipment is totally different from the single-shot digital capture cameras using area array sensors (CCD and CMOS). Gallery Street's Better Light Super8K-HS Scan Back gathers the information for the image in one continuous scan as the light is collected by three, individually filtered rows of pixels – this is called a tri-linear CCD. Since it moves across the “film plane” capturing light one row of pixels at a time, it will take a few minutes to capture a large original. On the other hand, no other camera is gathering such a huge population of pixels (equal to a 384 megapixel camera) over such a large area — it’s about 5X the physical area of most array sensors! And, all of the pixels are PURE, true RGB color, not interpolated color by the camera software. For art reproduction there is no better equipment.

Our digital capture service includes the high resolution scan, color correcting, and a disk for your records. We also keep a permanent archive in our system.