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Gallery Street primarily uses Federal Express to ship packages and products to our customers. Transit times vary depending on which shipping service is utilized.

In the event a customer orders a product on that is produced outside of Gallery Street's own manufacturing facility, shipping will be handled by the 3rd party and the appropriate information will be sent to the customer for tracking purposes. Never will an original piece of art sent to Gallery Street by the customer, be sent to any 3rd party manufacturer. Only certain products as described on our website such as mouse pads, mugs, tote bags, coasters, luggage tags, key tags, magnets, keepsake box, desk organizer, decks of cards, puzzles, stickers, post cards, folded greeting cards and calendars will be outsourced and shipped to our customers by a party other than Gallery Street. If a combined order is placed on such as one puzzle and one giclée print, a customer will be charged shipping for both items as they are originating from different addresses.

Ground or Home delivery may take up to 7 days. FedEx 2-Day and FedEx Overnight are options that our customers may choose. Prices are dictated by destination zip code and service type.

Insurance is available for items shipped via FedEx. However, for artwork which has a perceived intellectual value incorporated within, FedEx will only cover up to $100 for Ground and Home deliveries and up to $500 for air services such as Standard Overnight and FedEx 2-Day service. Gallery Street will not be held responsible for any compensation beyond what FedEx pays on any given claim. If a customer would like to use a 3rd party insurance rider on any parcel sent to Gallery Street from the customer or any parcel sent to the customer from Gallery Street, the customer must take the appropriate measure to provide for coverage. In the event the customer would like a piece of original art shipped by Gallery Street to the customer, the customer must schedule a pickup at Gallery Street's location and cover all costs involved. In this case, Gallery Street will not charge for shipping, but rather will only charge any necessary packaging or handling fees.