We claim to have the best limited editions in the industry. That claim could not be made without the quality contributions from Gallery Street, who have spent countless hours ensuring that Ford's art is reproduced faithfully and flawlessly from start to finish.

We admit it. We're high-maintenance clients. Gallery Street has exceeded the levels of attention, response and flexibility we've required as the demands of our business grow. Also, exceptional service aside, the people of Gallery Street are smart, funny and likable. We really enjoy working with them.

Cristi Smith
Ford Smith Fine Art, LLC

"The team at Gallery Street does a great job understanding our needs and does everything in their power to make it happen. The print quality is always a notch above outstanding and the color accuracy is exact to the original. In the art business world it can be very competitive and you really need to have a team of professionals that care as much as you do. Thank you."

Robert Finale
Robert Finale Editions

"My business relationships with Gallery Street are more like a "friendship" than anything else. They really listen to what I say and will accomodate me in any way. Their results are always outstanding. The minute I walk in their offices I feel I am surrounded by friends rather than business associates.

Gallery Street is more that a company – it is a group of people , who are passionate about what they do . And they do it better than anyone I've ever seen. They're dedicated to and passionate about what they do. It's a competitive market, and they're winning in ever aspect.

Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for making artist's dreams come true. Thanks for everything you do."

Igor Raikhline
Igor’s Art House

“Gallery Street’s quality of art reproduction and services available has exceeded our expectations, so much that it has changed our approach to marketing.”

Timothy Michael
Timothy Michael Gallery

"As an artist, I have a very critical eye, especially when it concerns color. I only use the the best paints to achieve deep, vibrant colors in my paintings. Many photographers have attempted to capture the intensity of the colors in my work, but to no avail.

While exhibiting at the Art Expo in New York City a few years ago, I noticed the incredible quality of another artists giclée prints on canvas. He referred me to Marc Leftoff and Gallery Street in Atlanta, Georgia.

From my very first experience with Marc and his professional staff, I have been delighted. They capture and print my artwork with the same expertise I would expect from myself. Marc is truly a master at his profession and a pleasure to do business with."

Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams Fine Art

"As a professional artist of twenty years and a gallery owner, I have finally been able to enter the print market with impeccable reproductions from Gallery Street. When I place one of my original paintings next to a giclée by Gallery Street, my patrons cannot tell the difference. This is because of Gallery Street’s state of the art equipment, expertise in using it, and the demand of perfection that they place on themselves. I use vivid and unusual colors in my paintings and Gallery Street has never fallen short of matching them 100% of the time. The canvas and paper they print on is of the highest quality and they do a better job of stretching their canvas than the manufacturers of stretched canvas!

As artists, we don't get second chances to make first impressions. I believe it is important to get it right the first time. I know that if my print is not outstanding, I will not stand out. I know that I would not be where I am today in the print business if it were not for Gallery Street's accurate representation of my original paintings!

From placing an order to picking up the finished product, doing business with Gallery Street is a wonderful experience. This is a family owned business who treats their customers like family! I highly recommend this company to any artist looking for accurate color matching and quality reproductions!"

Jill Saur
Art River Studio

"I've been working with Gallery Street since they first opened their doors and have recommended their services to many fellow artists over the years. The quality on their Masterpiece giclees is excellent and the color fidelity is amazing. The staff is very professional and easy to do business with. Work is consistently delivered on time and as ordered. The Gallery Street team fosters a sense of partnership as they offer whatever help they can to support the success of their artists."

Pat Fiorello
Fiorello Art & Design, LLC

"Gallery Street has consistently given me immediate service which has enabled me to be competitive in acquiring large commissions. They have also worked with me to enhance my images to their best potential by offering suggestions and introducing me to their in-house technology. As an artist, I find their print quality to be excellent, and they are willing to work on the color accuracy until it is correct."

Barbara Sorensen

"When relocating to Atlanta, I was forced to find a new printer for my work. I had been using the same printer for many years and was very pleased with the quality so I was looking for the best I could find. When I contacted Gallery Street about doing my output, I was quite happy with the quality -- as good as or even better than the product my customers and I had been accustomed to. But the superior customer service effort Marc, Amy, and the gang made to get my business and to keep it has made all the difference for me. Thanks for making me look good."

Linda Lindeborg

"I’m extremely pleased with every aspect of what Gallery Street has to offer a fine artist like myself. From the great customer service to the quality reproductions that are always dead on with regards to color and density, I could not be happier!

I’ve been to several different shops in the Metro Atlanta, and even ventured out of state, and no one has yet to match the quality, price, and overall pleasant atmosphere. These guys go the extra mile and I highly recommend Marc and Amy and their friendly staff for all of your reproduction needs."

Walter Peterson