What we do

Ensuring the integrity of your original artwork, our camera's lenses, coupled with our digital capture technology, picks up every single nuance of the original such as color, texture, and even the finest brushstrokes. Our pure digital capture results in a very detailed high-resolution file that enables us to enlarge the giclee print without degrading the quality of the reproduction whatsoever. Our Master Techs will adjust the color balance of the digital image until the most accurate representation of the original artwork is achieved.

For you techies out there, here is some more info about the Betterlight Scan Back. This equipment is totally different from the single-shot digital capture cameras using area array sensors (CCD and CMOS). Gallery Street's Better Light Super8K-HS Scan Back gathers the information for the image in one continuous scan as the light is collected by three, individually filtered rows of pixels – this is called a tri-linear CCD. Since it moves across the “film plane” capturing light one row of pixels at a time, it will take a few minutes to capture a large original. On the other hand, no other camera is gathering such a huge population of pixels (equal to a 384-megapixel camera) over such a large area — it’s about 5X the physical area of most array sensors! And, all of the pixels are PURE, true RGB color, not interpolated color by the camera software. For art reproduction, there is no better equipment.

Our digital capture service includes a high-resolution scan, color correcting, and a disk for your records. We also keep a permanent archive in our system.


Small - $37.50 (less than 11x17 inches

Regular - $75.00

Oversized - $125.00 (greater than 60 inches on either dimension)

Using the most advanced pigment ink technology, our Masterpiece Giclée prints have a lifespan of up to 120 years without any visible signs of fading. Utilizing Roland and Epson printers, Gallery Street produces amazingly accurate reproductions on a variety of fine art papers and canvases. Gallery Street produces beautiful Giclées on your choice of media. We currently carry several different papers and two canvases. We coat our canvas Giclées with a specially formulated Giclee varnish to add further UV protection and scratch abrasion resistance. Please read over our price list for pricing on the different media as well as descriptions of each media offered. Gallery Street constantly adds new papers and canvases as the manufacturers produce different products. We are always seeking to provide our artists with the most current and best quality media for their art reproduction. Please let us know if you would like to request a media that we do not currently feature on our price list. Gallery Street does not believe in wasting any client's time or money with back and forth proofing. We simply won't give you a Masterpiece Giclée print that is not color accurate. We work very hard behind the scenes to ensure the color accuracy of your reproduction. Of course, if you have specific changes, we're happy to work with you until you are satisfied with the outcome. We make a constant effort to build custom, in-house ICC profiles for our input devices such as scanners and cameras, our monitors, and all of our printer/media combinations. We do this on a regular basis to ensure accuracy with newly manufactured lots of media and ink. We use advanced spectrophotometers to analyze our current output and to adjust for spot-on color precision. Gallery Street proudly offers a money-back guarantee on your Masterpiece Giclée print. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Masterpiece Giclée at the time you receive it, you can refuse it and not spend a penny.

Our premium-wood stretcher bars are knot-free, straight, and nicely beveled for minimal contact with the canvas. All of our stretched pieces are stapled on the back which eliminates visible staples offering an elegant gallery finish. We pride ourselves on precision when it comes to finishing our canvas prints. We offer your choice of standard size bars that measure 11/16" deep and gallery bars that measure 1 1/2" deep. Gallery Street can even print edges of your giclee black for a finished look. Please see our price list for current pricing.